Virtual tour

A panoramic virtual tour of Foy Church is now available and currently includes sections for the Nave, Chancel, roof and south yard.

To take the virtual tour of Foy Church please ensure that your browser allows scripts from our website. Please also note that loading times vary depending on your connection. When you are ready to take the tour please click on the button below:

Please note that the tour is still under development

Having problems running the tour?

(1) Enabling scripts in your browser

To view the tour you may have to enable scripts from in your web browser. If you click on the begin tour button above and the page fails to load, you may see the following message if using Internet Explorer:

Explorer script blocking message

If you would like to enable scripts on the Foy Church website simply click on the message and select the first option in the box that appears - "Allow Blocked Content...". A pop up security warning will now appear:

Explorer script blocking message 2

Simply click on "Yes", and the tour should run correctly.

(2) Tour failing to run with scripts enabled

If the tour does not run with scripts enabled (see number 1 above), then it is likely that you will need to install an up to date version of Java Runtime Environment. This can be downloaded for free via the Sun Microsystems Java website by clicking here.

(3) Still having problems?

If you are still having problems then please contact the Foy Church webmaster via the contacts page (link is at top right of the Foy Church page banner).

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