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Benefice Newsletter                                                                          April 2011

Dear Friends,

Firstly, thank you to everyone who provided tins and packets for the destitute of our diocese. Four boxes of goods were taken to the Diocesan Office at the end of January and were very gratefully received.

Secondly, April brings us to the season of Easter when we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. A time of joy and feasting, and rightly so, for Jesus is our way into the Father's presence now and for eternity. However hard we try we can never earn our place in heaven, our actions are our loving response to God's great gift to us. So enjoy Easter when it comes.

But for now we are in the season of Lent and again our thoughts are on giving something up and doing something for those less fortunate than ourselves.

So how about a 'meal deal' for the diocesan larder, again to be given to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Could you put a tin of soup, of meat, of potatoes, of vegetables, of fruit, and of custard/ evaporated milk in a carrier bag. Tin is the operative word this time. This would give a family a good 'meal deal' for a day. If you can only manage part of a meal deal, that's fine give what you can. Or if you prefer (as some did last time) to give me the money, perhaps from your 'giving up' exercise, then I will go to Morrison's and provide what they need. Please bring your bag or money to church by Sunday 1 May and I'll take them up to the office.

Your friend,


Life moments

All our churches are available as we celebrate those important moments in our lives. These include baptism and confirmation; weddings, blessings after civil weddings and renewal of vows on that special anniversary; funerals and memorial services. In the first instance contact me and we can arrange to meet.



**Remember members of all parishes are welcome to join in these events.**

Bridstow Coffee Morning Wednesday 6 April at 10.30am at Benhall Farm. All welcome.

Peterstow Coffee Morning 30 March, 13 & 27 April 10am in church. All welcome.


Deanery Synod meets on 28 March at 7.30pm at Peterstow.

Brampton Abbotts PCC (7.30pm) & APCM (8pm) 29 March at the Rectory.

Foy PCC (2.15pm) & APCM (2.30pm) 4 April in church.

Bridstow PCC (7.15pm) & APCM (7.30pm) 12 April in school.

Peterstow PCC (10 April after 11.15am service) & APCM 13 April at 7.15pm.

How Caple PCC (7.00pm) & APCM (7.30pm) 14 April in church.

Sollershope PCC (7.15pm) & APCM (7.30pm) 18 April at Liz's.

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